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Paul Ernst Wilke House


The landscape artist Paul-Ernst Wilke (1894-1971) was born in Bremerhaven and after 1913 studied art in Bielefeld, at the renowned Düsseldorf Art College, and later in Bremen and Berlin. In 1921, he returned to Bremerhaven. His painting was influenced by impressionism and his work concentrated mainly on portraying the North German landscape with its manifold light effects. The city of Bremerhaven was also a frequent subject because Wilke never gave up his ties there. So a number of his artworks can be seen both in the German Maritime Museum and the Bremerhaven Historical Museum. Married to the popular singer Lale Andersen (1905-1972) from 1922 to 1931, he finally settled down in the famous artist's village of Worpswede near Bremen in 1939. But the links with Bremerhaven remained, so Wilke established a studio at the Geestevorhafen basin in 1948. Nowadays, a society maintains that building and lets it to contemporary artists who can live and work there for a spell.

Paul-Ernst-Wilke-Haus   Gemälde von Paul Ernst Wilke
Paul Ernst Wilke House (Photo: BIS).   Painting Wilkes in the German Maritime Museum (Photo: German Maritime Museum).

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